Blue Silk 

Green silk 

A good friend of mine, she truly is one of the Angels sent down from above.   

Angel.  She is one of the good and beautiful (she is, you have to admit) angels on this earth.   

Black Veil Brides, one of my recent favorite bands 

British Rebel.  Her stance, and the hand gesture, made me think of rebelious teens.   

Burning Rainbow.  When I was younger there was once a t.v. show called Reading Rainbow.  When I made this, I didn't have that in mind.  But looking at it makes you think, is this how that rainbow looks aflame? 

A good friend of mine.  DJ Mas Majishun, CEO of B.F.N ENT 

Another good friend of mine, Doom Doggy.  He is the last thing you shall see on this earth.  The bringer of death 

Enchanting Ghost, she appears to you, observing you, then drifts back to the shadows 


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