This picture is called Blue Lenses.  When I created it, it made me think of looking through the windows at the zoo. 

Egyptian Queen 

Inner Demon- We all have our demons, I merely brought one of mine to light 

StarKiss- This is a good friend of mine, whom without her friendship I doubt I would have stayed sane during Basic Training

 Ceciliana Stormrage

Bloody Mess 

Women of The World- This is for the women all over the world, both young and old.  And for the someday hope of peace  

Demonic Woman- This is another photo I altered from online.  This picture spoke to me of devilish intent, a dark inner light.  So I brought that to the surface, even more than it was already

Alien Queen

The Queen of the Dark Angels.    This is Ceciliana Stormrage, the most recent queen of the race of Dark Angels on the planet of Lunatariah.  She is the main character in my book

The Huntress- She lurks in the Astral realm, that realm between realms 

Between the Lines.  Not everyone looks between the lines, but they should from time to time, just to "read the small print" so to speak

Blood Bath-----Come on, everyone wants one now and then.  Joking, of course

Bloody Silence---This is for those times when you're ticked off beyond belief, but you can't quite tell anyone just to keep certain people happy or in the dark in some cases

Celestial Dreams

Crazy Eyes----this was originally drawn by my friend Mike Payden.  He asked me to fix it up a bit, so I did.  And here it is.  




Snitch----Another one of the "between the lines" cases.  This is for someone special that my family and I know who has caused us more grief than can be thought

Star Symbol

Through Rose Lenses---We're all guilty of doing it from time to time.  Looking back at the "good ol' days" when everything was peachy.  



Ceciliana; blood Tears

Ceciliana At Night

Ceciliana, The Other Side.  This is the side that is not seen through the Naked Eye

Of The Caribbean 

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