Hello, my name is Lisa Burress.  I currently live in Mounds, OKlahoma which is just a few miles south of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I love to read, I'll read just about anything that gets my attention and keeps it.  I like to spend time with my family, we're very close. I WAS in the U.S. Army Reserves.  I've had a variety of jobs, am something of a free spirit. I am taking the necessary steps to get my CDL,  hopefully I can better focus on my schooling, art, and my book

      I first started drawing when  I was much younger, but became serious about my artwork a year or so ago.  I love doing my artwork.  It relaxes me, something of a stress relief.  When I'm working on a piece, I feel, at times, like I'm in my own little world and nothing else round me can affect me. 

      The pictures that you will find on here are not just mine, however they have inspired me.  I have altered them so they may reflect my style.  The rest of the pictures have come from my own mind.  If you look deeper you will find a small window to my mind and feelings on life.


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